Our Services

Architecture Design

At RAEC,we have a vision of seeing beyond what is perceptible and the expertise of creating beyond what is possible.At RAEC,we have competent architects working constantly to produce unique designs with a strong focus on attention to details.

Conceptual Design

We provide this service to developers of larger projects.It assists the developers in visualizing budgeting,and deciding on projects such as housing,industry,and commerce where the project requirs a number of structures and a larger area of land.

Detailed Design

This service is mainly provided to clients,where in we develop the concept from a macro-level and detail out whole building in terms of working drawings for execution on site.

Structural Services

Engineering Consultants provides a sound structure to accompany the architectural design of the client. We perform complete calculations of buildings structute,thus making it physically possible to execute the architectural design with the optimum cost possible.

In our structural design process,we take into consideration the unique task of identifing,understanding,and integrating constraints and limitation in a design. This enables us to produce successful results in order to meet future requirements and plans of our clients.

A mojor benifit of this service to our client is a controlled,clear and accurate budget.

Supervision Services

Engineering Consultants offers active and daily supervision of sites to ensure the smooth progress and excellent construction quality of all projects.We also provide complete project management to safeguard our client's interest.

We also assist in the completion of Municipal formalities to obtain all necessary permits and certifications.

Electro-Mechanical Services

Without a detailed electro-mechanical design projects cannot be completed sucessfully.

Engineering Consultants employees qualified MEP engineers to professionally prepare suitable designs that will seamlessly integrate into the building structure and not cause conflits with any part of the building.

As electro-mechanical design is one of most important components in modern day architecture,it requires skilled and experienced engineers.

A sound and efficient electro-mechanical design paves the way to get the approvals for the building permit from the UAE services departments to enable the construction of the building.